Thursday, April 18, 2013

What Makes ComfortGel Full Face Mask Unique?

ComfortGell Full is a significant advancement for patients who need a full-face mask.

Proven comfort and an all-new design make the comfortGel Ful best full-face mask ever - and a sensible choice for more of your patients. A comfortable forehead cushion and enhanced StabilitySelector combine with our popular blue gel replaseable cushion to create a leverl of comfort and stability unlike any other full-face mask.

Inspired by our most popular mask.
Based on the worldwide popularity of the Respironics ComfortGel nasal mask, we've developed the innovative and practical ComfortGel Full mask. Featuring the highly popular Respironics blue gel plus advanced sure seal technology (SST) flap, ComfortGel Full is a first-class upgrade for your patients who need a full-face mask. When you consider the comfort benefits, its replaceable cushion design and our approach to cushion resupply, our ComfortGel Full mask will surely be a best-in-class fit for you as well.

To become even more familiar with how the ComfortGel Full can benefit you and your patients, visit the Fitting sections of this site.
The Respironics ComfortGel Full mask is latex free.

The convenience and practicality you need
With an all-new, removable gel cushion and easy-to-clean design, the ComfortGel Full mask makes sense. It allows simple cushion replacement without the need to exchange the entire mask. Our DuoPack™ replacement kit allows the patient to be immediately set up with a complete mask and a replacement cushion. This approach allows for easier stocking and reimbursement.