Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8 Questions To Determine If You Have A Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

You might have presumptions that you are suffering from sleep apnea but afraid to take the test. Your assumptions can be true if you answered these following questions. You can get a paper and pen to write your answers.
If you'd like to take a simple test to determine whether or not you might want to consider testing for sleep apnea, just answer the following eight questions. If you reply with three or more yeses, I'd strongly encourage you to ask your physician to organize a night for you in the sleep lab.

1. Do you snore loudly?
2. Do you feel tired during the day?
3. Has anyone ever seen you stop breathing during your sleep?
4. Do you have high blood pressure (high blood pressure that's been treated counts as high blood pressure)?
5. Is your BMI greater than 35?
6. Are you older than age 50?
7. Is your neck size greater than 15.75 inches?
8. Are you male?

These are just simple test that you might consider taking sleep apnea diagnoses to let your doctors know that you need treatment. If your sleep apnea problems continues you might end up having more complications on heart, lungs and other major body parts. Remember that Sleep Apnea can develop type 2 diabetes.
The treatment using CPAP machines will help you recover from such conditions. There are other alternative ways to cure it so have a check up now before its too late.