Thursday, April 11, 2013

ResMed S9 AutoSet ™ Auto CPAP Machine with H5i ™ Humidifier

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The S9 AutoSet with H5i Humidifier features user-friendly technology to enhance your breathing comfort and reduce system noise. Designed for a more natural breathing experience, the S9 AutoSet™’s enhanced Easy-Breathe technology delivers whisper-quiet therapy from the device and the mask. This means a more restful night for both you and your partner. With its sleek contours and compact size, the S9 AutoSet™ looks as natural at your bedside as a clock radio. 

Sleep through it with ResMed’s S9.
When it comes to sleep, every minute counts. You need a sleep therapy system that lets you sleep through it – through CPAP therapy, and all through the night. Enter ResMed’s S9 Series.

How does the S9 help you sleep through the night?
In a recent study of 50 patients, all patients sleeping with an S9 device slept longer than they had on their existing device – even the patients who had struggled most with their therapy.5 The S9 has four advantages that help you sleep longer and more comfortably:

Quietest motor on the market
The exceptionally quiet Easy-Breathe motor makes sleep more peaceful for you and your sleeping partner by reducing both conducted and radiated noise.

Stylish, user-friendly design
The sleek appearance and user-friendly interface make it easier to incorporate therapy into your lifestyle. For an even easier to use choice for effective CPAP therapy, ResMed offers S9 Essentials on all their S9 devices. This feature is ideal for those who want a good night's sleep without even having to look at the screen. You just press Start and let the machine take care of the rest for one-touch, worry-free CPAP therapy.

Superior humidification with Climate Control
An innovative algorithm reduces dryness and rainout and makes temperature at the mask feel more comfortable.

Uniquely comfortable Easy-Breathe waveform
The smooth Easy-Breathe waveform feels more natural to breathe against.