Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SleepMapper Self-management System Apps Change Your Sleep Therapy

We all know that Mobile and other form of devices have been introduce to the market today. And with the help of this brand new technology we can have a better guide of what to do and how things work perfectly according to their usage. Together with all this new age technology are freebies "Apps" thatcomes with your System One CPAP machine will turn our awareness into the next level of better understanding and good knowledge. Now we can cook food nicely with the aid of this "APPS". We can now check our health with this apps.

Introducing to you the SLEEPMAPPER

The first of its kind to deliver to you the best guide on how to monitor your therapy progress accompanied by different video tutorials that guides you step by step.

What is SleepMapper?

SleepMapper is a self-management mobile and web-based system that allows you to take an active role in your sleep apnea therapy. SleepMapper helps put your patients at the center of their own care and take an active role in their sleep therapy. 

Designed to enhance the sleep therapy experience and be an extension of your care team, SleepMapper provides key information and personal therapy feedback that can help patients stay involved, stay motivated, and stay interested.

Could you benefit from using SleepMapper?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, then SleepMapper can play an important role in your sleep therapy management.

Do you have:
  • An interest in seeing your sleep apnea 
  • therapy results?
  • A desire to learn more about sleep apnea and understand how your therapy equipment works?
  • A Philips Respironics System One sleep therapy device*?
  • A home computer that can download an SD card and has high-speed Internet connection?
  • A compatible* smartphone or tablet device?

Take an active role in your sleep apnea therapy*

SleepMapper is a mobile and web-based system designed to help OSA patients enhance their sleep therapy experience.
  • See your sleep therapy results quickly and easily
  • Watch videos and guides about sleep apnea and your therapy equipment
  • Have the information you need to know more about your therapy

SleepMapper helps you:

  • Assess compliance and enhance care
  • Differentiate your business with patients and referrals
  • Reduce staff time spent answering common questions and concerns

SleepMapper helps your patients:

  • Take an active role in their own therapy and get daily feedback about each night's treatment.
  • Set personal therapy goals and stay motivated to reach them.
  • Access videos and guides about sleep apnea and therapy equipment.
Help your patients take an active role in their sleep therapy. See your therapy results easily from your computer or mobile device.

See this SleepMapper FAQs for details.