Friday, April 25, 2014

Difficulty breathing through your nose

Some people may complain about having a hard time breathing through their nose while on CPAP mask. This might be because of the following problems.

If you have allergies, chronic sinus problems or a deviated septum (your nose is crooked on the inside) you may have trouble using CPAP. CPAP is usually applied through the nose. If during the day you often find yourself breathing through your mouth, CPAP may be difficult to use. If the problem is allergies speak with your doctor about treatment. There are a number of good nasal steroid sprays and allergy medications that can treat your nasal congestion. Individuals with a deviated septum or other structural problems in their noses may benefit from seeing an Ear Nose and Throat specialist if CPAP cannot be tolerated.

Finally, there are CPAP masks that fit over both the mouth as well as the nose. People have used these with varying success but it may be worthwhile to try a "full face mask" before looking into more invasive or expensive alternatives.

For all who uses CPAP machines you might be experiencing some difficulties depending on your needs.