Monday, November 4, 2013

Does System One REMstar Pro CPAP with Heated Humidifier, 6 ft Heated Air Tubing from Philips Respironics Works?

You have been wondering why you have been sleeping with enemy. You may call it whatever you like but in my case I would like to call it enemy because it may turned into death if not treated. I have been diagnose with sleep apnea and required to use CPAP machine. I am curious about it at first and later on find it as my own way of helping others to counter sleep apnea and copd cases. 

Talking about CPAP machines I can give you my best choice. The System One REMstar Pro CPAP with Heated Humidifier from Philips Respironics. I have been using it for years and never it failed me. I am very much anxious about it at first but later on I became comfortable on it.

What is System One REMstar Pro CPAP with Heated Humidifier?

The Philips-Respironics "System One" REMstar Pro with AutoIQ has all of the features available with the original REMstar Pro but with added benefits to ensure the patient receives the proper care and compliance. The System One’s newest addition of sleep therapy has a system smart enough to track and deliver breath-by-breath therapy for up to 30 days while it learns the patient treatment needs. The two new features are Auto-Trial and Auto-Check. 

Auto-Trial and Auto-Check

The Auto-Trial phase gathers information and based on what it learns, it then sets a fixed pressure and converts to the Auto-Check phase. The Auto-Check then checks back every 30 hours just to see if the therapy pressure it established is still on track. If not, the device will automatically adjust to obtain an ideal pressure. All of this without the need to send someone from the care team to the patients homes. 

C-Flex+ is Respironics’ newest enhancement to comfort when in fixed CPAP mode. Like C-Flex, C-Flex+ provides flow-based pressure relief at the beginning of exhalation. Like A-Flex, C-Flex+ softens the pressure transition from inhalation to exhalation to provide additional comfort in fixed-CPAP mode. 

The System One resistance control allows the patient to tell the machine what type of mask you are using such as a nasal, full face, or nasal pillow. The machine then makes adjustments for optimal flow depending on your mask. Each Respironics mask will now come with a resistance control setting letting you know how to set your machine to match your mask. 

Philips-Respironics has upgraded their event detection algorithm to include data on Snoring, Periodic Breathing (PB), Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals (RERAs), Apnea Hyponea Index (AHI), leak, Clear Airway Apnea (CA), Obstructed Airway Apnea (OA), and Hyponea (HY). The REMstar Pro will also record Patterns of use and Flow waveform data. With this information, your physician will be able to better determine the best possible solutions for your sleep therapy. 

The PR System One uses a SD card for data collection. Prior to the System One, patients were required to use a specialized card reader when uploading sleep data to a computer. Philips-Respironics has made this process easier by using the standard SD card, giving the patient the ability to use any SD reader to upload sleep data. 

Philips-Respironics also listened to user feedback when designing the System One Heated Humidifier. A cleverly designed water chamber works with a built in Dry Box to virtually eliminate water getting into the machine during normal use. Even with a water chamber filled to the FULL line, the machine can be tilted and even turned upside down without leaking water back into the unit*. Furthermore, System One Humidity Control monitors room temperature, room humidity, and flow to determine what is required to maintain your selected humidity setting, even when environmental conditions change. Because of this, you can be assured that your therapy comfort will be maximized by virtually eliminating rain-out and condensation buildup in the tubing.