Thursday, January 16, 2014

Video On How To Properly Use Trilogy 100 Portable Ventilator?

How Are You Going To Use Trilogy 100 And How To Set Up To Functions Well On Patient?

Many have been asking about how trilogy 100 can be set up properly to make sure that the patient is receiving the right amount of pressure they need. I have come up with this video that will explains properly The Correct Settings and usage of Trilogy 100 Portable Ventilator.

Now That you have seen it set up and how to use it. You can now rest assure that you are giving your patient the right amount of pressure from your Trilogy 100 machine. For home us you can contact your provider about this trilogy 100.

For orders you can visit Pulmonary Solutions. They are selling Trilogy 100 Portable Ventilator at a very affordable price. You may also Call 877-290-8636 to ask for this product.