Friday, February 22, 2013

Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator To Simplify Your Life

You have probably heard about portable oxygen concentrator. There are two new products that has been develop to make life easier. Today let me introduce to you the SimplyGo POC(portable oxygen concentrator) by respironics. I'm so excited knowing that I already have the new approval of FAA in this two products. 

SimplyGo is Could change your life in terms of traveling with especially for those who are required to have one. In terms of mobility SimplyGo by Respironics is going to allow you who require continuous flow oxygen the same freedom and mobility that our pulse-dose customers have enjoyed for years! Continuous flow oxygen from a portable concentrator that is small enough and light enough to carry around with you!

SimplyGo has Oxygen Concentrations from 86 to 97% at all settings with the size of 11.5 in x 10 in x 6 in
(29.2 cm x 25.4 cm x 15.2 cm). It has an internal bacteria filter and operating temperature 41° to 104°F (5° to 40°C). The alarm types can be set to low oxygen purity, no breath, high breath rate, no flow, low battery, depleted battery, wrong battery, system technical fault. 

The SimplyGo is the only portable oxygen concentrator that weighs in at only 10 lbs! SimplyGo has more than twice the oxygen output of any portable oxygen concentrator weighing ten pounds or less. That means that SimplyGo is able to keep up with your portable oxygen needs today and tomorrow.

If you need more details about this product you can simply check the specifications on SimplyGo site. Make sure the doctor recommends it for you so that you can have a prescription first before ordering the product.